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Born in Nottingham, England, raised in Lugano, Switzerland and having spent the summers of his formative years traversing the Greek isles, Paul Leonardo can only be described as an internationalist at heart.After traveling the width and breadth of Europe as a young man, he was eager to broaden his global scope with a brief visit to the furthest port imaginable, Sydney, Australia, where it was love at first sight with the expansive light filled landscapes and iconoclastic cultural landmarks that found an instant place in his heart and proved to be the spark that would ignite his love of image making.

During these years he was to undertake inspiring apprenticeships with the likes of Mick Bruzzese, Max Doyle, Georges Antoni, Prue Roscoe as well as a seven year stint with his mentor Chris Colls.

These gained him not only an invaluable insight into the working of a day to day photographer but also allowed him the opportunity to explore and discover the trademarks that have defined and continue to define his work to the present day.

Evocative, emotive and naturalistic in equal regards, Paul’s photography speaks volumes in its simplicity. The beauty of humanity and nuanced expression captured by an individual whose love of life and movement amounts to a body of work that is truly captivating.